Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23rd's visit to Cranial Tech

Yes, that is a new design on his cranial band. The other started peeling off, so we took it the rest of the way off and put this new one on. Its Chip and Dale. The red is more sparly than it shows in the pics.

Anyway, to the visit. There is definate improvement in his head shape. He is getting a very slight roundness to his posterier and he is filling out in his forehead. Yay! Good news for once! Woo hoo! We got back again in 2 weeks.

In other news, we finally got his appointment to the see GI scheduled. He goes there on February 4th. Yes, the day before his bday. (and my actual bday). We get to spend it in a doctor's office. What fun. But, at least we got the appointment.

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  1. What great news!!! What a cute decoration on his helmet, too! Are they pre-shaped stickers that go on the helmet? It's a great idea, so these little ones can be proud of how they look. :D