Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alvin's Photostudy

Well, its officially been a week since Alvin was banded. He is adjusting well to it. He still gets upset when it's time to lay down with it on, but other than that, he is doing well.

We have his photostudy back. So here goes:

Alvin is a 9 month old male referred to Cranial Technologies for treatment of his brachycephaly. He presents with left occipital flattening, right frontal flattening, and associated facial asymmetery. He has an ear shift with the left ear anterior to the right and an increased head width to length ratio.

Increased posterior head height and a sloped forehead.

Left occipital flattening; right frontal flattening; increased head width to height ratio; left eye and cheek anterior to the right

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