Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Background Information

Well, since some of you might be new to his story, or some may just not know fully. Here is the background to Alvin's story.

He was born almost a month early and after severe circumstances during his pregnancy. Around 2 months of age, the Pediatrician noticed that Alvin could not move his head to the right, and that his head was becoming increasingly more deformed.

This led to many hours of "tummy time" per day. Up to 8 hours on some days. No marked improvement was made. In fact, his head only got worse. So, then it was off to Dr John Persing at Yale Medical in New Haven. Dr Persing is a craniofacial specialist.

Once their, he diagnosed my baby with severe Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly. This was partially being caused by his Torticollis. Their suggestion on treatment was a DOC Band. So, this diagnosis began the 5 month fight to get Tricare to pay for this treatment. They refused and continue to refuse.

So, today begins Alvin's journey. We are paying for his treatment out of pocket. Today we are going to have a head cast made and Alvin to have a full work up on any other underlying issues he may have. Cross you fingers, this might get bumpy.

**For more information on Prevention of head deformities, please visit: Heads Up Baby and Cranial Technologies **

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